Shopify & E-Commerce

Season 1 Episode 18 | October 28, 2019

If you’ve ever seen Kelly’s Twitter account then you’ve probably heard of Shopify, an E-commerce platform that gives you everything you need to sell online. This week we’re talking to JML, CTO at Shopify, and we’re giving you all the details.



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Show notes

1:05 - Who are you and what is your role at Shopify?

1:41 - What does a typical day at Shopify look like?

3:36 - What was your path in tech?

7:44 - What is Shopify & e-commerce in general?

12:41 - What makes Shopify different from competitors?

13:42 - Why should developers pay attention to Shopify?

22:09 - What are your favorite things that have been built by Shopify?

24:28 - How has Shopify’s design system, Polaris, changed development?

30:06 - What tech stack do you recommend focusing on for new Shopify developers?

31:01 - What does the day in the life of a Shopify developer look like?



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