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Ladybug Podcast Sponsorships

We're Emma Wedekind, Kelly Vaughn, Lindsey Kopacz, and Ali Spittel - four seasoned software developers working in different sectors. We wanted to add our voices to the podcasting sphere and share our diverse experiences and advice. We have great discussions around how to start coding, the hot technologies right now, how to get your first developer job, imposter syndrome, how to write CSS and more!

Our podcast has been reaching a large audience of diverse developers from junior to senior and everything in between. According to Spotify's analytics, 35% of our listeners are women, far outpacing the industry.

Our podcast is new, but growing fast. We hit the 35,000 listens mark a month after our first episode. Our first episode has reached 8,000 listens before it was four weeks old. Each episode is passing the 5k listens mark one week after publication. The growth has been enormous, and we expect these numbers to keep climbing rapidly.

Our episodes are released first thing each Monday morning, and are about both technical topics and career advice for other developers.

Our sponsorships follow the format:
  • One $900 pre-roll slot
  • Two $800 mid-roll slots
Each sponsor will also receive:
  • a post-roll slot
  • your logo, link, and description on our website on the episode's page
  • a link to your site within the show notes syndicated to podcast clients and our RSS feed
Each episode follows this format:
  • An introduction to what the episode is about
  • Our jingle
  • The pre-roll sponsor
  • The first half of the episode
  • Mid-roll sponsors
  • The second half of the episode
  • Post-roll shoutouts

We can customize your message in keeping with our tone and experiences, or deliver a script you send us. We do want to make sure we are excited about our sponsors, and we would love to participate in demos or even build sample apps ourselves if applicable and possible.

We ask for a 3 episode minimum agreement for sponsorship so that you consistently reach our audience each week.

Reach out to our email with any questions or to sponsor the show!