Learning How to Learn

Season 2 Episode 12 | March 30, 2020

On our podcast, we talk a LOT about what to learn as a developer. But today we’re switching gears and talking about HOW to actually learn all this information. We’ll discuss the concept of metacognition, or how we learn and retain information as well as some strategies for making the process easier.



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Show notes

01:13 - What do we know about learning how to learn? 04:15 - What were your learning strategies the last time you were in school? 09:03 - Learning Styles 14:19 - Ways to teach 19:34 - Find your niche and stick to it 23:45 - Focused vs. Diffuse thinking 26:12 - Chunking 29:11 - Bloom’s Taxonomy 33:19 - Fixed vs. Growth mindset 35:20 - Advice for learning 40:53 - Emotional cycle of change 43:49 - Shoutouts



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