Impostor Syndrome

Season 1 Episode 6 | August 5, 2019

Have you ever been scared to contribute to a conversation or publish a blog post because you were worried you weren’t qualified enough? Wondered how you got to the point you’re at in your career because you feel you don’t belong? Or that you’re a fraud? You’re not alone! In this episode, we discuss how we have experienced impostor syndrome and our personal strategies for combatting it.



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Show notes

0:36 - Our impostor syndrome

0:48 - Job interviews

2:04 - Quitting computer science

7:19 - Speaking at a conference

11:46 - Impostor syndrome & teaching

13:11 - Negative backlash

16:32 - Running a company

17:56 - Receiving criticism

21:21 - Impostor syndrome as a business owner

21:55 - Turning impostor syndrome into motivation

24:40 - Combatting impostor syndrome

37:24 - Wins



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