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How the Ladybugs Got Their Spots

In this episode, we're getting to know the ladybug hosts, both on technical and non-technical topics. Listen in to learn about our favorite tech stacks, our biggest career milestones, favorite books, and more.

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How the Ladybugs Got Their Spots

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Show notes

Our Favorite Stacks - 0:36

Our Favorite food - 2:36

Our Favorite question to be asked - 6:52

Our Pets - 10:38

Our Favorite TV shows - 13:57

Our Favorite books - 17:31

Our Favorite type of code to write - 22:07

Our Biggest career milestone - 23:23

Our Biggest inspiration, day to day - 27:54

Our Non-Tech Dream job - 31:20

Wins! - 34:07


  • Holly - Completed the first module in Skillcrush Break into Tech blueprint
  • Kelly - My husband made me a good cup of coffee
  • Emma - I’ve finished over 40 books this year
  • Ali - I finished the code for a side project that I’m really excited about!
  • Lindsey - Got rid of twitter on my phone

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Emma [0:00] Today we’re talking about ourselves. Since y’all don’t know anything about us, we decided to spill all the tea. I’m just kidding. We’re just going to chat about some fun things. Some are tech-related. Some are non-tech. So grab some coffee, sit down at the table with us. And let’s just jump right in.

Kelly [0:18] Welcome to the Ladybug podcast. I’m Kelly.

Emma [0:20] I’m Emma.

Ali [0:21] I’m Ali.

Lindsey [0:22] And I’m Lindsey, and we’re debugging the tech industry. So today, we’re just going to start [talking about] some of our favorite things getting to know us, like Emma said, grab some coffee. So let’s first kind of talk about what our favorite stack is. Kelly what about you?

Kelly [0:36] So lately, it’s been, Gatsby. I’ve been really excited about digging super deep into building out our merch store. Our website is built on Gatsby, and I’m using Shopify’s storefront API to integrate it into Gatsby. So I’m getting to do all kinds of fun, headless commerce stuff. And I’m sure you’ve probably heard me drone on at this point about headless commerce. So I’m not going to go on too deeply about that. But basically, anything I can do to make that happen, Emma, what about you?

Emma [1:07] I read this question is my favorite snack. So my favorite snack, I’m just kidding. I use Gatsby for pretty much everything I can. I just I think it’s easy. ”I think it’s easy.” Let me rephrase. It’s not easy. I think it’s easier to get started with and maybe some other technologies right? I use React with Gatsby every day. I did have a love affair with Vue for quite a while though, so I can understand your point of view. I didn’t really do much with like back end and rest API’s and like a day to day basis. So yeah, I’m gonna stick with those. But what about you, Ali?

Ali [1:38] I am a huge fan of Django, which I talked about in the last episode, but I love building APIs with it. And then I normally would do like a separate React or Vue front end. I think React is winning for me right now. But Vue is also really great. And then my favorite database by far is Postgres. So, definitely going to be using that

Lindsey [1:59] And mine is just right now… my stack is basically playing old Gatsby JS with markdown, but something I’d love to do is play around with headless CMSs like Contentful, Sanity, Netlify CMS. I haven’t really gotten around to it yet, because I only have one content type on my blog, which is blog posts. So um, I think something I want to play around with is different content types and seeing how those API’s are shaped and playing around with importing them into the static site generators. So let’s kind of move on what is your favorite food?

Kelly [2:36] Okay, I’m gonna go first, because Kelly loves Mexican food. Kelly’s favorite food is Mexican food.

Emma [2:42] Kelly loves talking about herself in the third person

Kelly [2:45] I am. So last year, I decided to have a really awesome new year’s resolution. I’m not usually one for New Year’s resolutions. But after I had this idea, I had to do it. [It] was to eat Mexican food at least once a week, every week for the year of 2018. And I very much succeeded even while I went on vacation to Portugal and to New Zealand. My poor husband had to deal with me hunting down any opportunity to eat Mexican food while I was on vacation. So

Emma [3:15] I think you would love Austin, I think you need to move to Austin because we had breakfast tacos all the time.

Kelly [3:21] I have never been to Austin, and I really want to visit, but I don’t think I’m ever going to leave Atlanta. I love it here.

Emma [3:28] We’ll see about that.

Kelly [3:29] Yeah, we will see. Emma, what is your favorite food?

Emma [3:33] So I… spaghetti I think we all know. No, I’m kidding. I am a huge Italian food person. We went to Italy for my birthday this year. And we went to this Italian woman’s home. She owns like several restaurants in Milan, and we went to her home and learned how to make pasta. And one of the recipes that came out of that was a pesto. And so like I’ve been coming up with any excuse I can to make pesto. I also love chicken parm. But then we get… since I’ve moved to Germany like I’ve developed like an appreciation for the crappy American food that we take so for granted. I really missed fried everything like corn dogs, chicken fried chicken. I miss Chinese takeout… like you name it. I miss it quite badly. But you know, sticking with my Italian theme, I think Lindsey you like Italian food too, right?

Lindsey [4:24] Oh, I love Italian food. Okay, my favorite food also changes all the time. But something that my partner and I have been doing a lot more recently is making homemade carbonara because we realized recently that you don’t actually need a lot of ingredients do it. You know when you get a recipe, and you have to go to the store, and there’s a zillion things you have to get because you don’t have them on hand? We pretty much always have pasta, bacon, eggs, Parmesan cheese. It’s like all the things we always have. So we’ve been making it a lot. It’s not exactly the healthiest meal, but it is delicious. And so good. I recommend if you’re not vegetarian obviously, don’t eat it because it has bacon. I think [using] pancetta is probably the more traditional way. But I love bacon, so definitely good. And it’s really a cheap date night too. So that’s what we’ve been doing. And Ali, what about you?

Ali [5:22] Yeah, so I’m a little bit obsessed with Taco Bell. It’s so good, and I live really far from one right now, and I guess I did in DC too. So it’s always a commute, but it’s always worth it. I love Taco Bell. And especially for vegetarians. It’s pretty on point for that.

Emma [5:38] We should talk about crunch wraps supremes for a second because I wish I could commute to a taco bell, but it would take me a few days.

Ali [5:50] I also like vegetarian sushi a lot, but I have like this total fear of fish, both living and dead ones that you eat. I’m just not a fish person at all. So very much like the vegetarian.

Emma [6:02] That’s me, too, though. I don’t like fish in any context.

Kelly [6:05] I absolutely agree. And also I love vegetarian, sushi and I am the biggest meat eater, but I absolutely love vegetarian sushi like shiitake maki, all day

Emma [6:16] when they put cream cheese in it too, oh forget about it!

Ali [6:19] There’s this place in DC that does ones that have like cucumber, cream cheese and then wasabi peas on top. It’s really good. I highly recommend sticky rice at DC.

Lindsey [6:33] I love Taco Bell too! I actually haven’t had sushi very often. I do like sushi, and I do like fish, but I don’t know. I just haven’t eaten sushi. I feel weird about that. But yeah, Taco Bell, though. That’s the OG best fast food ever. I love it

Ali [6:51] totally.

Lindsey [6:52] Oh my gosh.

Ali [6:52] So transitioning to something a little bit more technical, maybe for some of us. So one of my favorite icebreaker questions that I always ask new students is what your favorite question is to be asked just because it brings about a lot of conversation and allows you to get to know somebody pretty well. So Lindsey, what’s your favorite question to be asked?

Lindsey [7:15] So I mean, this could go in all different directions. But like for tech, I love it when people start asking about accessibility and what it is and like how to start learning about it. I don’t like being asked why I should care about accessibility. I love the curiosity, though, that people are like, Oh, I didn’t know that there is a way to make it so easy for other people to digest my content. I’m like yes, those aha moments are just so satisfying to me. Because one, I just love to teach, but I also love just getting those moments of having those aha moments. So Kelly, what about you?

Kelly [7:51] My favorite question to be asked is, why are you the way that you are? And if you’re a fan of the office, you know exactly what episode I’m talking about. But in terms of non-office quotes, I like being asked when we get on the topic of the fact that I’m a programmer. They’re like, Oh, so you went to school for programming, right? And we discussed in the very first episode that I did not go to school for programming, I went to school for something very different. And no, I love that it just opens up a discussion to discuss the different paths that one can take to becoming a developer. And if you have not listened to our first episode on how to get started in tech, I mean, I obviously I’m one of the co-hosts, but I think it’s a really good episode, you should listen to it. Ali, what’s your favorite question?

Ali [8:37] Yeah. So I love to be asked about teaching advice, especially how to teach code. It’s kind of the only thing I’ve ever felt like I’m an expert on to some extent. And so love talking about that, and love teaching other people how to teach too. And then Emma, how about you? What are your favorite questions to be asked?

Emma [8:54] I really enjoy it when people ask me, wait, you’re not German. And I get this a lot because my last name is indeed a German name. And I do indeed live in Germany, but my husband is German. And so the follow-up question is I was like, ”Oh, why did you move to Germany?” And I think that’s a fun story. Because I moved here for my husband, I didn’t want to do long distance. And people are always confused because we met while I was at IBM and I was living in Austin and, and he was working in the IBM office in Germany. And it was long distance. But people are always very confused about why I moved abroad? And yeah, I got a job here. And now I work at LogMeIn, which is actually an American company, but I’m based in Germany. And it’s always fun to kind of like confuse the heck out of people when they think that I’m German. And then they hear me talk and they’re like your accent super great. And I’m like, Yeah, I’ve been practicing for 26 years, you know? So that’s my favorite question.

Kelly [9:52] I think the fact that you’ve been able to live abroad is one of the coolest things that at this point in my life, I don’t think I’ll ever actually get to experience. I travel a lot to Europe, but I’ll never get the experience to actually live abroad. And I think that’s the coolest thing.

Emma [10:08] I think there’s a lot of like, there are a lot of benefits and a lot of drawbacks, and honestly, the idea of moving abroad is a lot more romantic in your mind. And then when you actually do it, it’s a lot of work. And it’s a lot of trouble. And I’ve had days where I just sit on the floor and cry because it’s so hard to integrate myself. So would love to talk if anyone has questions about moving abroad. Feel free to DM me it’s a super fun topic. So but let’s talk about our furry friends because we’ve all got furry friends, not including our husbands or boyfriends. [group laughter]

Kelly [10:35] there goes my one topic.

Emma [10:38] we all posted a photo with our pets the other day, and I don’t remember, but I think we did get a comment of like, ”Oh, well, my husband is furry.”

Kelly [10:46] that was me.

Emma [10:47] That was you. Okay, I’m throwing this out in the context. Okay, Lindsey, what pets do you have?

Lindsey [10:54] I just have one cat floofball named, Bella. Actually, she was making obviously cameos you [the audience] didn’t see. She’s made cameos on one of our episodes [to the ladybug crew]. But yeah, I’ve had her for about two years. And I actually adopted her from my best friend because she was my best friend’s cat. And then my best friend got a dog. And Bella was not having that. Even though this dog was actually very docile, she was super terrified of it. And she’s kind of a scaredy-cat. But she’s now the main cat of our household and super, super fun personality. I want to hear more about Blair though.

Ali [11:33] Yeah, so Blair is my dog. She is eight months old. So she’s still kind of a puppy, but she’s fully grown. She is a mix of a golden doodle and a Labradoodle, which means that she has a mix of a lot of things, but she’s super adorable and looks like a teddy bear that’s alive. And she’s obsessed with tennis balls, so Blair is the best! Emma.

Emma [11:58] So I actually have two Cats. Luna is the white one, and Ivy is the grey one. And I adopted them when I was living in Austin. I wouldn’t call it a festival [where I adopted them], but kitty Palooza is what it was called. You walk into this room full of cats and like you point out when you’re like this one is mine and you just walk out with it. And they’re all vaccinated and neutered and spayed. Yeah, they do background checks on the people, it’s not like you can walk in and take an animal, right. But I adopted both of them when I was living in Austin. And then when I moved to Europe, I flew them both over on their own private Lufthansa flight. And now they’re German cats. Yeah, Kelly, what about you.

Kelly [12:35] I don’t have any pets. Like I said, I travel a lot. And I don’t want to get a pet until… I’m always going to continue to travel, obviously. But until we settle down a little bit more, and I can be more around for the eventual pet that we can get. So right now I just have my husband, which is enough for me.

Emma [12:57] I wish more people had that mentality of not adopting pets unless they were financially able and in a place in their personal life to be able to care for it. Because the idea of getting a pet so romantic, and you’re like, ”Oh, I’m gonna get a puppy. It’s so cute.” And then you know, you travel all the time, right? And then it’s home alone. And so I appreciate your point of view on that.

Kelly [13:15] Yeah, I do love cats. So I really, really love cats. And eventually, I will absolutely have like eight cats, and it’s gonna be really great.

Emma [13:22] Does Daniel know that?

Kelly [13:24] No. [laughter] It’s kind of funny. We have a lot of friends with cats. And we also look at a lot of cat pictures online together because we are subscribed to a lot of cats subreddits. And every single time I say I want a cat to my husband, he always just responds with ”Meow.” It’s just become his thing. And I don’t know how it started. But it’s become one of my favorite things. So just make him meow. So I just say it, I want to cat a lot. Anyway, that was a fun tangent. Let’s talk about our favorite TV shows. Lindsey, you go first.

Lindsey [13:57] So favorite TV shows is kind of hard. I have TV shows that I’ve seen so many times like Friends, and I always have that on in the background when I’m doing something. And I kind of need something I’ve seen over and over [because it’s] not going to distract me. But I’ve had a recent obsession with true crime… even though it terrifies me and I always end up watching a bunch of them when my partner’s out and then I’m terrified. But I recently loved the American Crime Story with the assassination of Gianni Versace. Darren Criss was excellent. And it threw me off because he played in Glee and he was a very peppy character [in Glee], but he was terrifying [in this show]. Because he plays the serial killer in the show and it just like creeps you out so much, but it was really well done. And I think he got some sort of Emmy award or whatever. I can’t remember which award is for tv?

Emma [14:56] it’s an Emmy.

Lindsey [14:56] Emmy for the TV shows, right?

Emma [14:58] I think so.

Lindsey [14:59] Okay, yeah, that that one, whatever the one for TV shows. So yeah, it was super well done. But definitely, if you’re squeamish of blood or true crime don’t watch it because it is kind of terrifying. Ali, what about you?

Ali [15:14] So my favorite is Gossip Girl. I named my dog after Blair Waldorf. So it’s definitely a show that I’ve seen over and over and over again. And [I] still love it so much. I kind of grew up with it. They were a couple years older than me. I think the show started when I was in seventh grade and then ended my first year of college. So kind of grew up with me, and that was cool to have. I also love the Ali G show. That’s the other one I’ve seen a bunch of times it makes me laugh so hard.

Lindsey [15:42] Ali, side note, I thought of you because I was watching that on the Fourth of July. So it’s like …it’s the biggest satire ever. I was just dying laughing. It is definitely hysterical.

Ali [16:01] it’s so good.

Lindsey [16:02] It’s really bad but really good.

Ali [16:04] So true. Kelly, how about you?

Kelly [16:08] So I love The Office. And I love Parks and Rec, but for shows that are currently still running. I love the Chicago shows: Chicago Fire, Chicago PD. I watch Grey’s Anatomy, and I have probably seen every single episode of Law and Order SVU, and there have been I think over 200 of them.

Lindsey [16:26] Impressive.

Emma [16:30] You have a lot of time on your hands.

Kelly [16:31] I don’t work.

Emma [16:33] Oh. Okay.

Kelly [16:35] Emma, what are your favorite shows? So

Emma [16:38] In all honesty, I don’t watch much TV anymore because live TV here is American shows dubbed over in Germany, which is very frustrating when I want to watch House Hunters. I’m like, they start speaking English. And then they come in with the German voices. So that’s annoying. Like I have Netflix, and I somehow managed to get a Hulu account in Europe. VPN for the win. But I have been binge-watching every episode of catfish. I don’t know why. But I like it makes me feel better knowing that like, no matter how stressed out I get at least I’m not being catfishing by someone. So that’s good. I also enjoy Grey’s Anatomy and consider myself like an amateur surgeon. It comes in handy sometimes. But yeah, like Lindsey said, I like Friends, I don’t think you can go wrong with Friends. So but let’s transition into another medium that’s not screen-related. What are your favorite books? Lindsey, why don’t you start this one.

Lindsey [17:31] So um, I have a lot of favorite books. So I’m not going to go through [everything]. But what I want to do is like the ones that have had the most impact on my life. So recently, I read a book called Body Positive Power. And it just sort of taught me and challenged a lot of my viewpoints on diet culture. Even how it’s like intersected with feminism. And a lot of times, like when we fat-shame a lot of people, and you have no idea what their health is like. And it kind of reminded me that I don’t need to look a certain way to be happy and healthy. And that was super remarkable. And it still takes a lot to challenge that mindset. Because I mean, let’s face it, we’re all women. And we all have to deal with the societal pressure to look a certain way. And this book definitely changed my mindset. And there’s so many like mind-blowing quotes in there that I took pictures of so I wouldn’t forget. The other one that was super good is called The Antidote: Happiness for People who can’t Stand Positive Thinking, which is kind of a funny title. But basically, I used to have really high anxiety and I actually still do, but this book really helped me…well let’s just put this way, it’s super ironic how happy and positive I felt after reading a book with that title. And it also doesn’t read like a self-help book. He’s really sarcastic and hilarious, and I enjoyed reading it. It definitely changed my life. I know that sounds super dramatic, but my anxiety has changed so much since I read that book and how I like to deal with it. Ali, what about you?

Ali [19:16] I have a bunch that I have jotted down in my notes for the show about my favorite books. But the one that I keep coming back to that I read recently is Daisy Jones and the Six. It’s a really great story. It’s a totally fictional book, but it’s framed like a biography. And I thought it was a biography till like halfway through and googled what she looked like and then realized it was a totally made-up story. So I really, really enjoyed that one and would highly recommend it especially. It’s a pretty fun read.

Emma [19:50] The audiobook for that was incredible. And honestly, I don’t like those type of books that are music or sports or whatever oriented. So I was a little hesitant to listen to this one because it’s about the music industry. Like even though it’s fiction, it was so good. She’s such a great author.

Ali [20:07] Yeah. Huge fan. Kelly, How about you.

Kelly [20:09] So I love reading books on productivity, which is, I guess kind of ironic because I spend more time reading books on productivity than actually implementing what I’m learning. I really liked The One Thing by Gary Keller and Essentialism by Greg McKeon. Both of them are really, really phenomenal reads. And they’re very quick reads as well on how to prioritize what’s going on in your life and how to really focus down and get things done. I highly recommend both of them. I also really love everything by Michael Lewis. He’s primarily writing a lot about business and finance. He wrote Moneyball, which was turned into a movie. [He also wrote] The Big Short, which is also turned into a movie. But he also has some other interesting books that are not business and finance related that are worth looking into. Emma, what about you?

Emma [21:00] I read a lot, and I have a ton of recommendations. So I love everything for fantasy. I love Brandon Sanderson. Everything he writes his masterpiece. One of my all-time favorite books is The Kite Runner. I mean, it’s like a hauntingly beautiful book. And I will always continue to love it. When we talk nonfiction though I have three that have really stood out to me. Start with Why by Simon Sinek is incredible. It’s all about finding your reasoning for doing the things that you do. Atomic Habits is another. So making small changes throughout you know, through your day, and how all of these compounds and to be profound changes to your career and your personal life. And then the Power of Habit. What is a habit? How does it develop? How can we change habits for the better? That one was great. And it uses a lot of anecdotes inside of it through the course of history. And I love those kinds of like nonfiction books that that leverage the small anecdotes. So one, for example, I think one was about toothpaste and how they basically had to change the habits of an entire generation of people start using toothpaste, and all of that. So like little things like this. Cool. So let’s switch gears. Let’s go back to technical things. What is your favorite type of code to write Lindsey? Why don’t you start?

Lindsey [22:07] So I love JavaScript. I like vanilla JavaScript, but I also really like VueJS. I know I primarily write React, but VueJS is also my first framework love. So I learned Vue before I learned React. Ali, what about you?

Ali [22:27] Yeah, so I really like heavy algorithmic problem-solving puzzle type code. So I love doing stuff on project Euler and code wars and stuff like that. And as far as languages go, I like doing those in Python, just because it’s got a ton built-in. So that’s what’s fun to me. How about you, Kelly.

Kelly [22:49] I really love CSS. And if you listen to our last episode, we spent a fair bit of the beginning of the episode talking about why we all love CSS so much. For me, I am not a designer by any means. But when I receive one of the designs from one of our designers on our team, I love making it come to life. I love that I have the power to take this beautiful visual design and actually make it functional and interactive. And I can do all of this with CSS. It’s a fun puzzle for me. I just absolutely love it. What about you, Emma?

Emma [23:23] Well, you stole my answer. So I’m going to just say plus one to that. I don’t need to reiterate it. That’s all good. But let’s now maybe let’s talk about your biggest career milestone. And since Kelly stole my last answer, I’m going to kick this off. So maybe my biggest career milestone thus far has been speaking at conferences. I think I’m speaking at nine or 10 this year, which is like totally insane to me because up until this point, I had never done a conference. And so I had one goal this year, which is to speak at one. So even just speaking at the first one, which was ReactJS Girls in London was so much fun. I spoke about design systems with React. And it was terrifying because the whole React and React Native core teams were sitting in the front row. And I just remember thinking to myself, imposter syndrome is real right now. But that was my biggest career milestone. Ali, what about you?

Ali [24:11] Yeah, so for me, it definitely was starting my blog. Mostly my second blog, not my first one where I was learning a bunch of new things, though, that one was good, too. But [having] the ability to connect with the tech industry on a larger scale. And also, I hate the term ”build a brand,” but build a brand in some way and establish myself in the industry in that way. So it’s been really, really big for my career. How about you, Lindsey?

Lindsey [24:41] Mine’s actually very similar. My career has had a lot of positives prior to starting my blog. But starting my blog is when I noticed the biggest shift in my career, in terms of brand thing, like people knowing who I was and what I was about. And even just opportunities, I never would have dreamed of like getting invited to speak at conferences. And granted, I actually don’t have that much time to speak at conferences, but I can’t believe that. I got that honor. So yeah, for me, mostly that and just focusing in on writing about accessibility. So Kelly, what about you?

Kelly [25:23] Mine is definitely starting my company, starting the taproom. So I started freelancing full time back in 2015. And working with other contractors and partnering up with these other people, it just evolved really quickly. And I had to shift gears to do something else to really continue to grow. And it took about nine months from I think I’m going to start an agency to officially launching the taproom at the end of October 2017. And having that actually happen and seeing how much has, has had. And since then, as far as my career growth has gone, I mean, the entire existence of the taproom is definitely my biggest career milestone.

Emma [26:07] Where did you get the name idea from?

Kelly [26:09] So I was sitting at a bar in Copenhagen. And I was just trying to come up with a name and my husband was with me, and I don’t remember exactly how it came up. But taprooms are a fun place to you know, sit and talk and share ideas and talk with friends and everything. And I was like this, this could be kind of fun. So I looked up to see if the domain was available because obviously, that is very important. And it was available for $2,000. Which I was like, Okay, I’m going to do it anyway because I really like this. And I’ve been drinking, and I believe in myself. I don’t know. Anyway, I did pay $2,000 for the domain name. But I figured if at some point I decided to stop running the taproom, I can probably sell it for even more.

Emma [26:58] To be fair, I thought you ran a brewery, and I was so excited. I was like, I want to be her friend. Like it seems like she owns a bar or like a brewery. And then I realized it’s an agency. And I was like, Oh, well still sounds cool.

Kelly [27:09] I guess I’ll still be your friend. Actually, when we first launched the taproom, the company name up until two weeks ago, was actually the taproom agency for that specific reason. Because I wanted it to be clear that we are an agency and we’re not a taproom. And in Atlanta, there’s a coffee shop called tap room coffee. And there are a lot of uses of the taproom. But I actually decided to drop ”agency” from our name just because the taproom agency is really long. And nobody calls it the taproom agency. Everybody calls it the taproom.

Emma [27:42] Are you going to redesign your logo?

Kelly [27:43] Yes, we’re in the process of doing that right now. Cool, very exciting. So let’s talk about who or what our biggest inspiration is day-to-day. Let’s hear from you, Lindsey.

Lindsey [27:54] I know, it’s corny to say my partner, but my partner really just inspired me to take care of myself and to challenge myself. And to think outside the box. He is one of the most patient people that I’ve ever met. Like, I really love that he’s challenged me to express myself in a calm way too, because I used to feel such pressure to like, never express myself because it might seem ridiculous. Or people would say I was like ”crazy” or something, and I don’t really like associating myself that way. He’s the biggest supporter of everything I’ve done like with the blog and the podcast. And then just taking care of myself. So whenever I’d make a decision to like go to therapy, he’s always behind it. And he’s just such a great support in my career [and] in my personal life. When I have to deal with family struggles or any of that he is such great support. And I know it’s corny

Kelly [28:55] It’s not corny.

Lindsey [28:56] Yes. So Kelly, what about you?

Kelly [28:58] So I’m saying not corny because my inspiration is also my husband, my husband and I are kind of like… my husband does not run his own business. But he is very quickly progressing in his own career. So we’re kind of going about this at the same time, you know, learning how to manage people, and just how to manage our lives with these more intense work situations and the way he handles everything in his own business and personal life, which obviously involves me, it’s an inspiration for me to kind of take on a lot of his traits. He’s the most patient person in the world, and I am not. And I’m learning a lot from him on how to run my business just from how he is just running his own life essentially. So really cute. Emma,

Emma [29:43] So I’m gonna have to say my husband… just kidding. I mean, he does inspire me, but I’m just joking. So I think one of the biggest motivators or inspirations to me today are just seeing people in the community interact with my blog post, or like, get something out of the content that I’ve created. This is super, super motivating for me. And I think this goes for like any content creator, right? If people are engaging with your content, and they find value in it like that’s super inspirational. I also just find inspiration from like the Twitter community in general, because, like, I think that we can get comfortable in our own social circles, like where we physically live, but branching out and like seeing stuff that people all over the world are creating inspires me to just be better. So, Ali, what about you?

Ali [30:31] Yeah, I definitely agree with that, Emma, that’s definitely something that I feel as well, and especially seeing stuff grow and seeing the numbers go up. And that’s pretty motivating to me as well. But I also just like challenging myself and seeing what I can do. That’s why I started my blog was to challenge myself. And a lot of it comes down to that. I just like trying new things and putting myself out there and making it so that something is hard for me because I think I do really by far the best when I’m being challenged, and something’s really difficult for me. So that’s my biggest motivation usually. Okay, another last wrap up question. If we were to leave tech, what would be our dream jobs? So Lindsey, let’s hear from you. First,

Lindsey [31:20] Makeup artist hands down. I love doing makeup. I actually flirted with doing it as a side hustle for a bit. And then I got engaged and realized I would not have time for that. But doing makeup is something that I don’t get to express very often in tech, because quite frankly, I’ve noticed that people don’t take me seriously when I come in full glam. It’s a shame like I need to get over that because I should be my whole self. But I think the fact that it takes time, it lets me be lazy, because if it did not take any time at all in the morning, then I would probably try to do it still. But it’s just one of the few ways that I really feel artistic and creative. So yeah, I love, love, love doing makeup. What about you, Ali?

Ali [32:07] I would totally be a middle school math teacher. I love teaching. I love that age group. That’s the age group that I used to work with before tech. I was like a summer camp counselor and used to teach people how to rock climb. So I used to work with them a lot. And then I even did my shadowing semester in college shadowing a middle school math teacher, and I loved that. So that’s totally what I would do if I left tech. Kelly, how about you?

Kelly [32:37] I would love to get paid to make Emma spaghetti all the time.

Emma [32:41] I would love that. But I’m not paying you because you owe me.

Kelly [32:44] Oh, I see how this is. For real. I just want to be Rick Steves because he travels a lot. And he writes amazing, amazing resource books on visiting different cities around Europe. And he goes on these awesome excursions, he takes people on tours to do all this stuff. I would love to do what he does.

Emma [33:05] Is he the one that writes all those travel books?

Kelly [33:07] Yes, yeah. Ah, they’re so so useful. And every time we go somewhere, that’s not Europe, he does not do books outside of Europe. And I’m like, I need a Rick Steves book for like New Zealand or wherever it is that we end up going. So I would probably fill in that blank and be the Rick Steves of every other country in the world. Emma, what about you?

Emma [33:30] I hope that I get to do this at some point my life like maybe after I retire. I want to open a bookstore/Coffee Shop. Like I want it to be part coffee shop but like have really good coffee. Not like, I’m going to get hate for saying this, but not like Starbucks coffee. Like I want it to be like legit. I think Europe is spoiled my coffee game. And yeah, I love books. I would love to own a bookstore. Although I think I would have trouble like actually working there. I would just like to read the whole day. So I think that’s my dream job. So yeah, I think that that wraps up our questions. I think we should…Let’s tell everyone, the community win for the day Kelly, would you like to do the honors?

Kelly [34:07] Yeah. So this week, we are congratulating Holly on completing her first module in Skillcrush’s break into tech blueprints. That is so exciting. It’s like taking a very first big step. So congratulations. We are all very, very proud of you. So let’s talk about our own wins. Mine is very simple. And I feel like this is a talk about my husband episode. But my husband made me a really good cup of coffee this morning.

Emma [34:34] That is a big win, but that’s Daniels win.

Kelly [34:39] No, it’s my win because I get to drink it.

Lindsey [34:42] Exactly.

Kelly [34:44] Emma, what is yours?

Emma [34:46] I have finished over 40 books this year so far. And like, I was kind of… this is so stupid. I was kind of upset about that. Because normally like I read like 80 to 100 year and I guess technically I’m still on track because it’s only halfway but my priorities kind of shifted. So I’m going to say instead of being sad about the fact that I’ve only read 40. I’m excited about it. It’s a win. Yeah, it is I read a lot, I don’t have a social life. Ali, what’s your win?

Ali [35:12] I finished the code for a side project that I’m working on, and I’m really excited about that. It’ll still be a couple of months because I have to work on the content and all that for it but super excited. And Lindsey, what’s yours.

Lindsey [35:25] So this one’s a bit of a mental health win, so after months of debating it, I decided to delete Twitter off of my phone. Because a realization I actually had is I love the community on Twitter. And they’re super great. But I wasn’t being really present in my non-work time because I kept on checking Twitter. And then also I just realized that if somebody says something mean to me, it ruins my day. I will be having the most positive day ever, and then somebody says something kind of negative towards me. And I just get into a funk, even, no matter how hard I tried to like push it away. And for me, I noticed my life has improved a ton. And I’m starting to think of Twitter more like a part-time job because it’s supporting a lot of my blog. And even though I don’t make money off my blog, my blog is a big side project. And if I connected more with my blog, it’s kind of like a part-time job. And I really just, I don’t know, I’ve been so much more peace since I did it. And I think I’m going to try to keep it off my phone so I can be a bit more firm on my personal boundaries. So mental health win for me this week. So

Emma [36:40] I think that’s great. I think everyone should try at least disabling notifications because I did that a long time ago and it’s definitely helped me. Yeah, so with that, if you liked this episode, please tweet about it. We love engaging with y’all through Twitter and whatnot, and exciting will select one tweeter to win a ladybug sticker each week. So if you have seen our really cool sticker mule stickers, they are high quality. If you want one, post a tweet about it, tweet about our podcast, and we may select you to win a sticker. So we post a new podcast every Monday, make sure you’re subscribed on your favorite podcasting application, and you will receive all the notifications. And with that, thank you so much for listening, and we’ll see you next week.