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Hello World

Hello world! Welcome to the ladybug podcast. We’re debugging the tech industry.

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Hello World

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(Kelly) Welcome to the ladybug podcast! I’m Kelly

(Ali) I’m Ali

(Emma) I’m Emma,

(Lindsey) and I’m Lindsey and we’re debugging the tech industry. We’ll dive into topics within tech, entrepreneurship, and careers.

(Emma) There’s a major lack of technical podcasts out there so we’ve decided to start our own. Nah I’m just kidding, we wanted to give women in the tech industry a voice by sharing our diverse experiences and advice in the industry. But first, here’s a little bit about us.

(Kelly) I’m Kelly Vaughn. I’m a frontend developer and run a full-service marketing agency. I taught myself to code when I was 11 and turned a hobby into a full-time job after a long journey through undergrad and grad school. My agency focuses solely on Shopify, so when I’m coding, I’m spending most of my time building out Shopify themes, writing Shopify Scripts for Plus stores, and doing basic Shopify app development in Ruby on Rails. How many times can I say Shopify in one sentence?

Outside of the actual day-to-day work I do, I’m really passionate about making my journey known as a woman entrepreneur in tech - the successes, failures, and everything in between. I want starting a career in tech to be as accessible as possible to everyone interested in giving it a shot.

(Ali) Hey! I’m Ali Spittel. I’m a mostly self-taught software engineer. I really love writing code, especially in Python and JavaScript. Right now, I work at Dev and split my time between writing code and doing developer advocacy. So speaking, blogging and all of that stuff. Before that, I taught at a boot camp. Teaching code is my favorite thing to do. I really want to make coding more accessible to people from all different backgrounds.

(Emma) Hey, I’m Emma. I was originally a biology major but I decided that I hated it so I turned to computer science and now I’m here. I’m currently a Software Engineer at LogMeIn where I get to build design systems using React. I am an instructor at Egghead, as well as a panelist for the podcast JSParty, and I also like to blog. I’ve started an open source project Coding Coach which promotes mentorship in the tech industry.

I love all things CSS, which I know everyone hates but it’s my passion in life. and design systems. I love Gatsby and animating things. I am really looking forward to chatting more about that.

(Lindsey) Hi, I’m Lindsey Kopacz. I’ve been a web developer for 5 years. Started teaching myself in 2012 and then got my first job in May 2014. I started off in Drupal and then started playing around with VueJS and React a couple years ago. Now I am a React Developer and creating data visualizations with d3.

It’s no secret that I am an accessibility fiend. I have an accessibility blog. My mission in life isn’t really to convince stakeholders to be a good person. It’s really to influence and empower developers to care about accessibility.

(Ali) Awesome! So we have a bunch of episodes coming up, like how to start coding, what are the hot technologies right now, how you can get your first developer job, how to balance side projects because as you can hear we have a bunch, and even more! So head on over to our site to hear about all our upcoming episodes and listen to the ones we’ve already released. Can’t wait to share more with you all!