Design Systems

Season 1 Episode 13 | September 30, 2019

Design systems are in the world around us from the signs on the side of the highway to the setup of a grocery store and our products are no exception. But what exactly our design systems and how do we build them? In this episode, we'll take a look at the foundations of design systems, the benefits and drawbacks, and the process for creating one from the ground up.



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Show notes

1:23 - What are design systems?

2:58 - Emma’s experience with design systems

3:52 - Ali’s experience with design systems

4:41 - Kelly’s experience with design systems

5:00 - Do you need a design system and who are design systems for?

7:46 - Benefits of design systems

11:11 - Drawbacks of design systems and team structure

13:11 - How do you measure success?

14:24 - Challenges of building a design system

15:34 - How to build a design system

18:19 - Styling components

19:03 - Documentation tools

21:09 - Style guides

23:42 - Why design systems fail

25:08 - Who builds design systems

29:20 - Tools for building design systems

32:54 - Notable people in design systems

36:54 - Wins



Design Systems

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