Data Structures and Algorithms

Season 2 Episode 4 | February 3, 2020

Computer science concepts like data structures and algorithms can be super intimidating, especially if you’re cramming the night before an interview. In this episode, we’ll discuss common algorithms and data structures and give you some tips for your next whiteboarding challenge.



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Show notes

01:44 - Our experience with data structures and algorithms

05:00 - What are algorithms?

06:17 - What is Big O notation?

13:57 - Sorting algorithms

17:55 - Graph traversal

19:20 - Searching algorithms

20:04 - What are data structures

23:05 - Arrays

26:03 - Linked Lists

29:15 - Sets

30:22 - Objects, maps, heaps

34:50 - Binary Trees

35:47 - Stacks and queues

40:08 - Graphs

41:00 - Common interview questions

43:27 - Tips for interviews and where to learn more



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