Ask Kelly about Entrepreneurship

Season 1 Episode 9 | August 19, 2019

Today we are doing a deep dive about entrepreneurship with our in house business owner, Kelly! Everyone can benefit from thinking entrepreneurially, even people who don’t want to start their own business. We’re going to ask Kelly about all the things that we are curious about and scare us about entrepreneurship.



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Show notes

0:34 - Kelly’s backstory

1:35 - What made you transition from freelancing to business owner?

2:39 - How did you find your first clients?

4:23 - How did you get into Shopify and the e-commerce space?

5:51 - Do you think it’s important to have a specialization?

6:39 - What’s the biggest piece of advice you would give to someone who’s afraid of starting their own business?

8:54 - What’s the biggest thing you don’t like about running a business?

10:10 - What are the different types of businesses you can establish?

12:04 - Sole proprietorship or LLC?

13:08 - What’s the biggest thing you wish you knew before starting a business?

13:58 - Do you still get to write code?

14:32 - How many hours a week do you work?

16:36 - Do you always want to run your own business?

17:35 - Can you explain the origin of The Taproom?

20:15 - Do you have employees? If so, how did you hire them?

23:04 - How do payroll and taxes work?

24:01 - How do you foster healthy relationships with remote workers?

25:01 - How much revenue do you take vs. re-investing?

28:10 - What books do you recommend for those wanting to learn more about business?

30:17 - What’s the hardest part about being a manager?

32:16 - What does being a Shopify Plus Partner mean?



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